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Thankful for Amazing Educators

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, I think it is time to pay our respects to the women who have gone before us that maybe we didn’t always say “Thank you” to like we should have. 

Being an educator, you are already trained to know that it won’t always be sunshine and roses; some days will test your patience, some will pull at your heart strings, and some will have you counting the minutes on the clock right along with your students. There are also those days let you know you made the right choice, because this was never just a profession, it was a calling. Educators are some of our countries greatest treasures. They make a difference in more lives than they could even fathom. Teachers know that there will be times when they will have to buy supplies for their students from their already too small paychecks, and they do it anyways. The lunch workers know they will see a student who wouldn’t be able to eat that day if they didn’t buy it for them. Administrators know the struggles of all of the staff, teachers, and the students. They are there for the meetings. They are trying to secure funding, save jobs, stretch resources. Every person involved in education is so valuable, so special. 

Is there someone, a teacher, a lunch lady, a secretary in the office, someone from your years in school that you still remember to this day, that you think deserved to be remembered and recognized during Women’s History Month? I know this may seem like not nearly enough sometimes, but if you can, I would like to encourage you to write that person a note letting them know how special they were, or share a funny memory. If that person has passed on, maybe you could take a moment to briefly mention them on your social media. 

Taking time to remember our past really does help encourage our future. A young educator may be reminded about why they became a teacher, and find the strength to get through an exhausting day. A lunch worker may feel reenergized, knowing they do make a difference in their own special way. An administrator may be reminded that their hard work really has been noticed and is appreciated. By this one simple act of showing gratitude, you can make someones day, week, and maybe month better. Kindness is free, but it can make the biggest impact. 


For myself and my sister, I would like to say thank you to our friend and retired educator, Rethmiriam Barr. Your continued dedication to the youth in our community has made a lasting impact. You have inspired young minds to dream, to work hard, and to be their best selves. Thank you for being a great educator. You are another woman we are thankful for this Women’s History Month. To all amazing black women, we wish you a Happy Women’s History Month!

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