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Nourish the Culture

Nourish the Culture is the non-profit organization started by the Dynamic Duo, Sameka & ‘Emma at Carolima’s Lowcountry Cuisine in 2023. The aim of this organization is to celebrate the unique flavors and stories woven into Gullah Geechee cuisine, create a space for shared experience, mutual support, and cultural rediscovery, and empower African American men with resources and connections to launch and expand their businesses and relationships. Nourish the Culture champions the Gullah Geechee traditions and empowers the African American community. It is here to cultivate a vibrant community where heritage thrives and dreams take flight.

The Gullah Geechee people are only found in the Southeastern United States. They are descendants of African slaves brought to work on the rice, indigo, and cotton plantations. Because most of their enslavement was located on islands and coastal plantations, their culture was able to be preserved. They developed the Gullah language which is creole based. The Gullah culture has delicious foods and beautiful arts and crafts unique to them. 

To learn more about the Gullah Geechee people and culture please visit: 



Funding for Nourish the Culture comes from the event Taste of Gullah Geechee which will be held February 4th, 2024. Come and join us. 

  Taste of Gullah Geechee

Taste of Gullah Geechee is an exciting event that is a collective of local chefs preparing Gullah Geechee inspired dishes. The event will be held at the Inspired By Annette event venue. Stay tuned for next weeks news letter where we will highlight some of the chefs and dishes!




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