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National Wing Day is July 29th

Y'all already know how much we love to celebrate anything. LOL. Well, this Saturday is National Wing Day! It doesn't specify whether it's chicken wings or not but I'm going out on a limb to say that's what they're referring to for the holiday. At Carolima's we LOVE chicken wings -especially FRIED chicken wings. LOL. In honor of National Wing Day we're serving up our Southern Fried Chicken Wings on Wednesday for our Blue Plate Special. 

Did you know we make our own seasoned flour for our fried chicken? Yassss! So many people see us out and about and ask if we have any fried chicken with us? The answer is always no but it's funny to hear. It's gotten to the point where I introduce myself and my occupation as I FRY CHICKEN! All jokes aside, we really do have some of the best fried chicken around. 

If I'm not enjoying our fried chicken I love patronizing other local businesses that serve fried chicken. One of my favorite local restaurants for fried chicken is Hannibal's. They're located downtown Charleston on the East Side and they've been in business more than 30 years. They have some other amazing local dishes on their menu as well. Check them out. 

Join us on Wednesday, July 26th as we serve up our delicious fried chicken along with a few seafood options as well. 

Southern Fried Chicken


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