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Just call us Celebrity Chefs

Two years ago I was scheduled to travel to Jamaica with my BFF (Rethmiriam - everyone knows her, right?!) for her 50th Birthday Celebration. I wasn't able to attend because there was a conflict with Kamryn's band schedule. They were recognizing seniors at the football game that Friday and parents needed to be there to walk on the field with their student.  Kamryn had played in the band for the past 5 years because she started in 8th grade so I knew it was an important night for her.  We found out at the last minute that it was going to be on this particular date or I would have never signed up for the trip. But if any of you have students in extra curricular activities you understand how nothing is concrete.  I cancelled the trip and stayed home so that I could attend the event with Kamryn. 

The day the plane left without me (LOL) I received a call from Chef BJ Dennis asking if I was interested in taping a pilot tv show with Chef Carla Hall. Immediately I said yes and was excited for the opportunity. Chef BJ said he would give them my information but he couldn't promise anything. They had contacted him but he wasn't available and thought of Carolima's.  Once contacted by the producers and hearing what they were interested in doing I was sold on the idea.  I knew it was a huge undertaking and I started getting nervous about whether or not our house was big enough, and other imposter syndrome doubts. I even called a friend and asked if I could tape the episode at their home. She gladly said yes but after careful consideration I decided to do it in our home instead and I was so glad I did. 

The first day of production was like a take over. The team came in and rearranged my entire kitchen. They had a person on the team for everything! There was someone to scribe the recipe, someone to stage the ingredients, someone to stage the food, the camera crew, hair, make up, you name it!  It was two very long days of taping. I was excited and nervous at the same time. When Chef Carla Hall arrived on set she was very nice and fun! She made me very comfortable and she enjoyed the dish we prepared together. 

The other highlight was meeting Sunn m'Cheaux. He and his sister joined us for conversation and lunch to discuss the Gullah Geechee culture. If you do not follow him on IG please do because he is very knowledgeable about the culture and I love his Gullah Geechee talks. He's a professor at Harvard University and a native from the area.

Once we were finished taping we were told not to discuss anything about the show with anyone. We were informed that we would receive notice of when the show would air from the producer and it would be a few months. Well, two years went by and I had given up that it would ever air and one day I saw it posted on IG on Sunn m'Cheaux's page! So finally we can share and look forward to the series called Chasing Flavor which is scheduled to air on HBO Max on February 1st.

Be sure to tune in and see what me & Carla Hall are cooking up in the kitchen!



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