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It's the Trailblazers for Me - Black History Month Unplugged

African Americans are so unique! Yes I said it. People don't want to admit it because they don't want to be misunderstood and accused of placing people in a pigeon hole or making general assumptions. However, we are such a strong, viable, resilient, innovative, race of people. When I watch tv and social media I am reminded of just how alike we really are culturally when I view the humor that is presented. For example, when I view a Tick Tok and it references the top 10 things you don't do at a Black Family Reunion, I can relate to every single one. Plus it's usually funny as all get out. 

I never see those type of media takes on white families. I've always wondered, what do they laugh about? Do they have the drunk uncle who thinks he knows everything and talks trash to everybody at the kid's birthday party? Do they sneak food in the movie theater (yes, I've done it), do they have 2 hour funerals? I mean, I'm just curious. LOL. 

Well, I digress, because this post is about Black History. Despite all of the woes our race has experienced there's so much to be celebrated. We've all heard of the trailblazers like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. But there were so many more who paved the way and whose shoulders we stand on everyday. 

Bridget Mason (August 15, 1818 - January 15, 1891)  aka Biddy was a real estate mogul. She owned real estate in Los Angeles, CA. which was valued at more than $300,000 in the late 1800s which equates to approximately $6 million by today's standards. She was THE wealthiest black woman in LA. Not only was she a true BOSS because she was wealthy, she also gave back to her community. She took care of families affected by the flood of the early 1880's by providing groceries for those that were left homeless. She was a true gem 

(Source: Blackgirlventures.org)

As we embark on another Black History Month in 2021 let us remember the struggles and also celebrate the successes of African Americans. Black Lives Matter and we must always remember to lift as we climb just as our ancestors did. 


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