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Ice Cream Sandwich or Chocolate Chip Cookies?


It’s summer and the love of ice cream is real! The temperature makes you want something cool & refreshing. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is Aug. 2nd and National Chocolate Chip Cookie is Aug. 4th.  I’m here for all of it. 

An ice cream sandwich is the perfect go to dessert. It’s handheld and you have the best of both worlds-ice cream and cake!  Sameka’s favorite ice cream sandwich is made by Mayfield’s Ice Cream.  The ice cream is creamy, and the chocolate wafer is soft and moist.  

If an ice cream sandwich isn’t available a chocolate chip cookie is just as delicious. Of course, we’re partial at Carolima’s because we believe ‘Emma makes the BEST freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Sameka is always the first one to ask about extra cookies when ‘Emma’s baking. Lol. 

Georgette remembers getting ice cream sandwiches off the ice cream truck that would come to her neighborhood.  They tasted so good.  She also had ice cream sandwiches that were made with chocolate chip cookies on the outside and vanilla ice cream in the middle. It usually melted before she could finish it all.  Next time you hear the ice cream truck playing in the neighborhood run for the ice cream truck and get you a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.  You won’t be disappointed.

Here at Carolima’s we can help with your sweet tooth.  We offer made from scratch southern desserts.  If you’re looking for that awesome chocolate chip cookie, give us a call and order yours today! 

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