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Did Someone Say Fried Chicken?

Sameka & Emile Zuhowski


It's  National Chicken Month and I'm excited about it. Chicken is one of the most universal proteins we consume. When we're planning events and our clients want something they believe all guests would eat it's always chicken. Of course we all love a nice cut of beef at an event or seafood is also a crowd pleaser but you can't go wrong with chicken. 

Our favorite chicken dish at Carolima's is FRIED CHICKEN! We make our own breader in house and use a 3 step method to fry the BEST fried chicken around. Just like most of our menu items, fried chicken traces back to our Gullah roots. Originating in West Africa, it was a dish enjoyed by our ancestors.  Ironically. when they were enslaved the dish was still able to be enjoyed because chickens were the only animals most slaves were allowed to own. 

We recently had a visit from a local tv station personality who had never eaten fried chicken before. Can you believe it? That was right up our alley to be the first people to offer it to her. Needless to say, she LOVED it!  We were excited to share in her experience and we're looking forward to the segment to air later this month. 

My favorite piece of the chicken is a wing. There's always the debate on which part of the wing is the best.  I love the flats. My sister loves the drumstick. It works out because when we're eating chicken wings we literally balance each other out. LOL. What is your favorite part of the chicken? 

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