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Wedding Guests - Who Should Make the Cut?

Recently we've been receiving calls for weddings with 200 plus guests. While I understand we are nearing the end of strict Covid-19 guidelines, I can't help but still have a certain level of concern when it comes to large gatherings. It's still important to remain vigilant and safe whenever we can.  Carolima's specializes in weddings with 150 guests or less. Many people have asked how we came up with that number. Mainly it's because 150 is a very "doable" crowd for us and it still allows our clients to have a pretty large event. Besides, I'm always informing brides of how sacred a wedding ceremony is and how important it is to share such an occasion with your closest family and friends. Sometimes people can get so caught up in posting for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat that they lose sight of what's really important. 

Brides will say they have 250 guests coming to the wedding. Then I ask the brides if they would take all of these people out for a nice dinner and pick up the tab? If not, they probably shouldn't be on your guest list.  The wheels start turning. Think about it. The food is only one aspect of the wedding. There's decor, planning, videographer, photographer, pastry chef, florist, bartender, rental company, venue and more. When it's all said and done a bride is probably averaging $150-$200/guest. When it's broken down like this sometimes it sheds new light on the guest list. However, most times their minds are made up and the show must go on! 

Thankfully we live in Charleston, SC and there are several venues that can comfortably seat 100 plus guests. Here are a few of my favorites that are black owned and women owned: 

Inspired by Annette - https://www.inspiredbyannette.com/venue

Your Signature Hall & Events - https://www.yoursignaturehall.com

The Magnolia Room - http://theschoolhousechs.com/event-space/



Photo Credit: Inspired by Annette

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