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Wedding Dinner Options

When planning a wedding the food is always a fun topic and we love discussing delicious menu options with our couples. Then comes the question of HOW the food will be served. There are several options for serving and I want to explain what some of them are for you. 

PLATED/SEATED - This option allows guests to remain seated and be served their meals individually. This is becoming more popular due to COVID-19 restrictions. While it's one of the most expensive options due to the number of servers required to do it efficiently and the amount of servings, your guests won't have to wait in a buffet line to be served. However, some view it as a con because it can be wasteful if the guest doesn't eat everything that's served on their plate.

FAMILY STYLE - This option allows guests to remain seated while the food is placed in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy. This is a great option if a bride is looking for that Sunday dinner at Grandma's house feeling. Guests are still able to make their selections while not having to wait in line. The price point is very close to the same as a plated meal because it requires enough serving ware to be able to have the same menu on each table.

BUFFET - This is probably the most popular option for weddings and parties. The food is displayed in chafing dishes and/or serving platters and the servers assist  guests with their selections OR guests can serve themselves. This way, the guests have the opportunity to select what they want to eat and how much of it they would like to have. This is most economical because it requires less servers and less serving ware. 

COCKTAIL HOUR/PASSED HORS D'OEUVRES - This option is typically for a cocktail reception. There are servers who walk around the event with small trays of small bites for guests to enjoy. There usually isn't a heavy meal to follow - just a lot of options with small bites. This option is only recommended if the event is truly a cocktail party with guests mingling and not a lot of seating. 

STATIONS - We get so many requests for this option! This option requires a menu that can be separated into different stand alone stations. For example, the bride may have a Shrimp & Grits Station, A carving station, and a Build your own station. This works great in a setting where guests are mingling. However, we do not recommend it for seated events where guests are waiting for the reception to start once the bride and groom arrive. It's intended to allow guests the opportunity to graze. However, with a seated reception guests usually end up forming lines at each station. 

I hope you all enjoy this post and it is helpful with your catering requests!

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