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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Caterer

I love hosting parties and get togethers just like most of you. Before I create a guest list, decide on decor, or the music I think about the food first! LOL. I love a great party with even better food. Let's face it. Food is a love language in itself. Over the years I have hosted many parties and now that I'm a little older and in a better place financially I've decided to hire a caterer from now on. That may sound strange coming from someone who is a caterer but let me explain why. 

1. When you hire a caterer you actually get to enjoy your event and your guests. No more refilling the fried chicken when it gets low or keeping the pigs in a blanket from burning in the oven. 

2. When you hire a caterer you have an opportunity to explore a more versatile menu. While you may be a great cook with your native cuisine, however a caterer can provide delicious food from different cultures - Italian, African, Japanese, etc.

3. When you hire a caterer there is very little clean up. The caterer will clear tables and clean up the food buffet. Some caterers are full service and will clean up the entire venue. That means you simply pick up your purse and leave. It's worth every dime! 

I urge you to consider putting yourself first and enjoying your next event by hiring a caterer!


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