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Just call us Celebrity Chefs

Chef Sameka Jenkins and Chef Carla P Hall
Two years ago I was scheduled to travel to Jamaica with my BFF (Rethmiriam - everyone knows her, right?!) for her 50th Birthday Celebration. I wasn...

Let's Talk Money

money, money, money
  By now you all have probably realized that we write a lot of our blogs based on the National Calendar Day. This week, on November 8th is Nationa...

Customer Service - The Big Differentiator

Customer Service - The Big Differentiator
  When you've been in business almost 12 years like we have,  there are a lot of lessons that are learned. One of the most important for us ha...

School is in session!

School is in session!
Summer is quickly coming to an end when the kids head back to school. It's been a great one for our family and we're excited to have our two "grai...

What did y'all eat on the 4th?

Summer BBQ We were having so much fun celebrating with family and friends that we missed last week! We missed you all!!! Who doesn’t love a good ...

Father's Day Thank You

Happy Father's Day
I was watching a Tic Tok video and one of my favorite comedians, Ali Siddiq was making a joke about Father's Day and how it ranks with holidays like Mother's Day.  He said that Mother's Day is the 2nd highest celebrated holiday. Christmas is ranked #1

A Smile is Contagious

A Smile is Contagious
Have you ever just passed someone in a store and they smiled at you? You probably smiled back and immediately felt happy.

Happy Happy Easter Day!

Happy Happy Easter Day!
Easter in the Christian faith is a celebration of resurrection of Jesus Christ.   No matter your faith it’s also a time to enjoy great weather and ...

A Woman's Place is in the Kitchen

Lowcountry Family Matriarch
I bet we caught your attention with that title. LOL. It's not what we mean literally. March happens to be Women's History Month and I thought we sh...