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What did y'all eat on the 4th?

Summer BBQ

We were having so much fun celebrating with family and friends that we missed last week! We missed you all!!! Who doesn’t love a good Summer BBQ?! There’s nothing better than gathering with your family and friends. Great food, drink and fellowship just tops it off.  There are so many food items that can be prepared for a great BBQ. My favorite is BBQ chicken.  It’s easy to prepare on the grill and everyone loves chicken.

When hosting a BBQ, guests often bring sides. Some popular sides are pasta salad, potato salad, and seafood salad.  Salads are great because they’re cool on your palette and typically light. In addition to the sides sometimes guests bring other items like a made from scratch dessert or other made from scratch dish.

Our Operations Manager, Georgette, remembers family BBQ’s at her parents house.  Her Dad made a grilling area out of cement blocks in one area of the back yard, which was perfect.  Her parents would provide the meat (steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs) and the rest of the family (3 daughters and their families) would bring everything else.  They would coordinate with each other so nothing was duplicated.  They always had way too much food and plenty of leftovers for everyone to take home with them. 

Here at Carolima’s we can cater your BBQ for you.  We take the guesswork out of the menu and handle all of the labor that goes into preparing for the event. We provide smoked and grilled meats along with our kmade from scratch sides.

We hope you have a great Summer and enjoy having some BBQing days!  Always be safe while cooking.


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