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Oyster season is here!



If you live in the Lowcountry then you know and understand that oyster season is upon us. How would you know? Because September has the letter R in it. It's the strangest thing but it really is our measurement for knowing the start and end of the season. That means September through April it's safe to eat oysters and the other months are off limits. The other four months are hotter than the oyster months so it makes sense to me. Ironically you can eat oysters year round but I was taught not to and I won't eat them unless I'm in a restaurant. Somehow I feel like their oysters are "safer". Crazy, right? 

When we were younger we had backyard oyster roasts all the time. Family and friends would gather in the backyard, place 4 cinder blocks and a sheet of aluminum over a fire and roast oysters using the burlap bag they came in for steam. We would stand around and literally eat the oysters directly off the "hot tin". They were always local oysters that were harvested by someone we know. I was grown before I realized what single oysters were. LOL. It was always the salty clusters for me. 

We live in a city that has great raw bars where we can enjoy oysters year round. One of my favorite places is Pearlz Oyster Bar. They have several different oysters daily ranging from local to out of state. My favorites are Blue Point oysters and Chesapeake Bay oysters. Both are salty and briny just like I like them. There are so many others that we enjoy as well. 

Our 3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Oyster Roast will be held on Saturday, November 18th. We've partnered with Every 1 Voice Matters to supply coats for children in our community. A donated coat is the only requirement for entry. Please be on the lookout for more details to follow in the upcoming months. 

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