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Marry me in Charleston, South Carolina!

Charleston, South Carolina has been named the #1 City in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure Magazine for the 11th consecutive year (Travel & Leisure Magazine). We live in a city where brides and grooms alike flock to have their weddings, receptions and honeymoons. Often times I've seen cars around the city with "Just Married" painted on the rear windshield.  Most recently I've seen it with a CashApp or Venmo attached but that's a blog for another day. LOL. 

If you live here, you may wonder what makes Charleston, South Carolina so attractive to destination brides. I'll share the top 3 reasons that brides have shared with Carolima's. 

1. History - Charleston is very rich in history no matter what your background is and people love that about our city

2. Weather - You can literally have an outside wedding in October here and still have a beautifully landscaped venue 

3. Food - Ahhhh...hello! We have some of the most awesome food in the country. Carolima's is proud to be a part of that group!

Once an engaged couple decides to have a wedding in the city the search begins for a venue. We have awesome venues ranging from old plantation houses to waterfront venues and on the water venues like The Yorktown! 

The South Carolina Aquarium is a venue where guests can enjoy the aquatic life and a great wedding reception at the same time. Or we also love the Charleston Visitor's Center where the Camden Room offers an intimate setting in the heart of downtown Charleston. With a short drive over the Ravenel Bridge guests can enjoy The Cooper River Room or Sweetgrass Pavilion which are both steps away from Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park. There's an awesome view and a pier for guests to take in the breeze of the Cooper River.  

There are countless other venues and little hideaways in the city for weddings, receptions or just private celebrations. I'm hoping we hold on to these bragging rights for a 12th consecutive year!


📸  Brianna Yvette Photography




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