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Hug Your Mom Tight on Mother's Day

In 2021 our mom, Adell M. Merisier  transitioned to the other side and it has been quite an adjustment for our family. Up until then we had never missed spending a Mother's Day with her. The routine was the same. We went to church, ate dinner and spent the entire day loving on her along with giver her a few gifts. She loved us but she was happiest when the grandchildren came along. She would love on them so much! Anything they wanted she gave them. Whether it was pizza for breakfast or taking Kamryn to Starbucks for a $5 latte of which she swore she would NEVER do again. LOL. I believe Bella tried Pepsi when she was one years old and she still loves sodas to this day. Not to mention she won't drink water unless it's ice cold and she can shake it in her cup. She loved them immensely. 

Mommy loved when we prepared dinner for her on Mother's Day. She always felt like restaurants were too crowded. Besides, she loved a home cooked meal where she could enjoy as much as she wanted and relax comfortably afterwards. We would prepare a menu from our Gullah Geechee heritage like Okra Soup, Collard Greens, Southern Fried Chicken and Baked Turkey Wings - just to name a few. 

Mother's Day is a great day to love on your mom if she's still here or to pay homage to her in some way if she's transitioned. Also remember the other women in your life who are influential to you. These include wives, girlfriends, partners, aunties, cousins and more. Gifts are nice but remember most women love spending time with the people they love and cherish. Find out how the special woman would like to spend the day and give her whatever she likes!  Charleston is a great city to ride out and enjoy the sights. We enjoyed going to The Battery & White Point Gardens to have a quick photo shoot with our mom. 

At Carolima's we salute all of the mothers and send our love to all of them on this Mother's Day! 

The Dynamic Duo, 

Sameka & 'Emma


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