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Father's Day Thank You

I was watching a Tik Tok video and one of my favorite comedians, Ali Siddiq was making a joke about Father's Day and how it ranks with holidays like Mother's Day.  He said that Mother's Day is the 2nd highest celebrated holiday. Christmas is ranked #1. In his words, that means Christ is #1 and Moms are #2!  Lol. He mentioned that Father's Day ranked #20!  He couldn't even think of that many holidays that would come before a ranking of 20.  If you'd like to watch it click on the link. While it was a funny stand up routine it was also kind of sad that Father's Day has such a low celebratory rate. 

I know so many awesome fathers that are fantastic examples of what a real man is and should be for their children and their families.  I'm talking about men who are sharing household chores, carting the kids around, coaching little league, active in their church, providing for their families by going to work everyday and the list goes on. To these men, I salute you!  It's not an easy position to play next to mom because when she's around sometimes you may feel like the "back up" however please know that our families need you and we appreciate you. 

On this upcoming Father's Day I hope you have an enjoyable day with family and friends. I also hope and pray you receive some great gifts. Let's be honest, retailers don't put the same effort into Father's Day gift ideas as they do moms. I know because I actually searched for Father's Day gifts and I wasn't very impressed. There were a lot of Father's Day gift ideas that required crafting or making something. This year let's give dad something he really wants and knock it out the park! The look on his face will be priceless!

Happy Father's Day from your friends at Carolima's! 

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  • GOD bless you my friends @ Carolimas,
    Thanks for your commentary, sooo TRUE, However, REAL GODLY DADS, never need applause, recognition, pats on the back, etc. We are far too busy answering the purpose and calling upon as FATHERS that HE has placed on our lives, it is the LOVE of our children’s MOTHERS and our children’s GODLY attachment to us, as DADS, not friends, that truly drives us in the natural, and the HOLY SPIRIT drives us in the KINGDOM. I pray and speak HIS grace, mercy and goodness over all DADS in the season, HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!

    J. Michael Salley

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