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School is in session!

Back to school note

Summer is quickly coming to an end when the kids head back to school. It's been a great one for our family and we're excited to have our two "grains of corn" back in school as they prepare for another year of learning and growing.

Isabella Joi returned to Meeting Street Academy and entered the 2nd grade. She's at the age now where she doesn't want the PSA from her mom in front of friends and she thinks anything her mom picks out to wear isn't fashionable.  She's such a little diva but you all knew that already. LOL.

Kamryn returned to FAMU (Florida A&M University) for her sophomore year where her major is Music Industry. She was excited this year because she's no longer a freshman on the Marching 100 which means life is a little easier.  It doesn't affect the long practice days though. Their practice schedule is long at 15 hours per day for the first two weeks. So yes, they return to school earlier than other students just to get that time in. I'm sure most college bands follow the same rigorous schedule. So the next time you're enjoying that half time show at the football game remember they put in a lot of hours to make it happen. 

It's a tradition in our family to place notes in our kids lunch boxes. Our mom did it for us and now we do it for our kids. It's funny because I never knew it made a difference but Kamryn brought it up while we were shopping for her apartment this past week. She said she loved opening them at lunch time. Isabella Joi loves getting them now too. So much so that if 'Emma forgets to put a note in her lunch box it's a big deal.  Since Kamryn's in college we send her care packages throughout the semester. There's something about receiving goodies from home that helps with being homesick. We include baked goods, her favorite snacks, toiletries, etc. 

If you have a college student here are some ideas for a great care package. 

  • Snacks - chips, nuts, cookies, candy, gum
  • Baked goods - brownies, cookies or Charleston Chewies from Carolima's 
  • Toiletries - toothpaste, deodorant, soap, floss, toothbrush, lotion
  • Books - Inspirational, Mystery, Fiction
  • Gift Cards - favorite fast food restaurant, Walmart, Target, Gas card
  • Personalized note or letter simply stating I LOVE YOU. 

We hope everyone has an awesome school year and remember were here to help with all of your catering needs! 

The Dynamic Duo

Sameka & 'Emma




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  • You two are the best! I’d be big as a house if I lived near you guys. I enjoy your posts. Please do more videos!

    Shauna Hall

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