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A Woman's Place is in the Kitchen

I bet we caught your attention with that title. LOL. It's not what we mean literally. March happens to be Women's History Month and I thought we should focus on the strength of the true leaders in the world -women. It's ironic to me how women historically have held the role of working in the kitchen. However, we always seemed to manage adding so much more to our plates. During slavery we worked in the kitchen for the Masters family then turned around and prepared meals for our own family. Today, women work full time jobs and are still usually responsible for making sure the family has something for dinner. If your partner takes on that role consider yourself lucky! Nowadays it's rare to see a woman spending extended periods of time in the kitchen and it's ok. 

Me and some of my friends are some of the few in the last generation of women who do a whole bunch of cookin' (that's that Gullah talkin'). Personally I enjoy cooking because it's therapeutic for me. However, I understand and respect women who just don't feel like it or it's not their strong point. We need them! We need the CEOs and the trailblazers who are creating their own success stories for the future generations of women leaders. 

Our mom always worked 40 plus hours per week and she managed to prepare at least 2 meals/day. Now that I look back on it I don't know how she did it because sometimes she even worked a 2nd job. She was also in the National Guard which meant she worked at least one weekend/month and 2 weeks/year with them. Whew! She juggled it all and taught us to do the same. 

I'm just grateful to have lived long enough to see the transition as well as appreciate it in all it's glory. So, to all of our women who don't want to be in the kitchen, remember Carolima's is here for you and we will take our rightful place - in the kitchen!

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Pictured: Our mom, Adell M. Merisier (our Matriarch)




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