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Your Caterer is your BFF on Wedding Day

Wedding season is quickly approaching and I think it's time we address the elephant in the room. Yes, the food at your wedding is just as important as everything else. Depending on someone's profession they may beg to differ, however, I've never heard someone say the florals were horrible. However, I have heard man people say THE FOOD WAS HORRIBLE! LOL. I'm not throwing shade at event designers because I believe their work is equally as important as every other aspect of the wedding. The issue I have is when a potential bride has spent $20k on her decor for 200 guests and her catering budget is $3k. 

We advise our clients that having guests at a wedding reception is like taking 200 of your closest friends out to dinner at a nice restaurant and picking up the check. On average it costs $50-$75/pp for dinner at a nice restaurant. Therefore, if your event has 200 guests, a fair catering budget is $10k-$15k. Think about it. The caterer is providing the meal AND bringing it to you. It's not like a restaurant where the kitchen and dining area are together in one space. Sometimes caterers even have to "build" a kitchen because the venue does not have everything required to successfully execute the event. 

We want your guests to leave full and happy. We take on the task of preparing a meal that will be delicious and satisfying. Talk about stressful! That's why we are your BFF on that day. We take our position very seriously and we strive to do an amazing job because there aren't any do overs when it comes to your special day. 

P.S. There are no longer $10/pp menu options for catering. You can thank me later. Lol.

*Wedding cake by Carolima's Dessert Boutique


6 tiered wedding cake with fresh flowers

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